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Dodgeball Nutrition Testimonials

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By Tom Wakefield

Tom Wakefield

I started playing dodgeball in 2004, at age 39, when the Dodgeball movie came out. That age is past the prime for most athletic endeavors, but I’ve always been active and athletic. And though I’ve never been a very top player, I’ve been pretty competitive. For about a decade I was one of the better players in Dallas, until I hit age 50. That number is more than just a number. Opponents in Dallas started catching my balls. I was not happy.

Also at about age 50 I started having very minor health issues. A full physical found that I had high cholesterol and the two Cokes a day wasn’t helping my heart rhythm either. Though I didn’t look overweight, I was at about 205 (at 5′ 11”). I decided to quit the Cokes and cut down on the hamburgers and ramp up the spinach. Within about three months I was down to 176 and my minor heart palpitations had stopped. I felt better, but my throwing speed was down even more. I had lost some muscle along with the weight.

So I started doing some research about how to stay in the game, and I found the answer in protein. Protein is an important building block for building and repairing muscles. Soon, my high protein diet had my throwing speed back up. Now, at age 53, I’m back to being more competitive.

I also credit my longevity at playing dodgeball and staying healthy with two other things, proper hydration and vitamins. Water, to put if very simply, is like the lubrication of the human body. You can see the lack of proper hydration in dry and cracking skin for example. Now imagine that inside your body too. During my many years of playing I have suffered very few sprains, and I attribute that partly to being properly hydrated. Daily vitamins are also a must for replenishing the body with the proper nutritional compounds.

Which brings me to IDLife. IDLife is unique among the nutritional companies in that it offers the three things I have identified that contribute to peak health and peak athletic performance – protein, hydration and vitamins. Moreover, other IDLife products are perfectly suited for the dodgeball player, including responsible energy drinks without the crash, nutritional pre workout and post workout products and sleep aids for healthy sleep and optimal health.

Below. At age 53. I play dodgeball and racquetball more than I workout but I do my share of bench presses, pull ups, push ups and sit ups.

Tom Wakefield

There is a substantial amount of money to be made selling IDLife products and enlisting others to do the same, and there is a tremendous opportunity to elevate the health and game of those around you. Contact me (Tom Wakefield) at 469-999-2118 or for more info!

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