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Dodgeball Hydration


Don’t Miss Your Date With Hydrate

Don’t Miss Your Date With Hydrate

By incorporating IDLife Hydrate into your daily routine, you are helping your body to function better in many areas. Staying hydrated is essential for staying healthy as it affects how your body’s systems perform each day. IDLife Hydrate was designed to give you specific electrolytes, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to support your body’s cardiovascular, muscular and nervous systems.

Dodgeball Hydration

The problem with many sports drinks, sodas and energy drinks is that they are packed with sugar, which is detrimental to your health and is sabotaging your weight loss goals. Even the “diet,” “calorie free” or “sugar free” versions of these drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners or ingredients which are scientifically proven to hurt your health. IDLife Hydrate has no sugar or artificial ingredients so you can be completely confident in what you’re drinking each day!

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Make sure you’re increasing your overall water intake throughout the day as well, not just when you drink your Hydrate. You’ll be amazed by how your body can feel just by staying hydrated!

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