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Dodgeball Fundraising

Business Opportunity

Team and League Fundraising

Team and League Fundraising

IDLife offers a lucrative opportunity for individuals, teams, leagues and other organizations to earn money by selling IDLife products and signing up others to do the same.

IDLife Dodgeball


1. IdLife is a legitimate, well-reviewed company that sells high-quality nutritional products including high protein shakes, responsible energy drinks without the crash and a superior sports powder mix for hydration.

2. The company and products are endorsed by Troy Aikman, who is also an investor in the company.

3. IDLIfe products are perfectly positioned for the sport of dodgeball, with sports nutrition products that are very relevant to dodgeball players.

4. IDLife products are sold via direct marketing, by individuals who sell directly to the public.

5. IDLife offers a lucrative business opportunity for individuals to sell IDLife products and enlist others to do the same.

6. The IDLife business program is especially attractive for teams and leagues to earn substantial money by promoting and selling relevant products to their connected network of players, teams and leagues.

7. Individuals operate the program as their own business.

8. You won’t have to stock any inventory or ship any products – IDLife handles all of this for you.

9. There are a number of ways to make money with the IDLife business program. Retail Sales are the foundation of the IDLife Compensation Plan. As an IDLife Independent Associate, when you sell products to retail customers in person or via your personal website, you can earn up to a 30% retail commission. IDLife Associates can also enlist others to join the program and receive earnings, incentives and commissions based on their performance.

10. Opportunities exist to market IDLife products outside of the sport of dodgeball, including friends and family, other sports leagues, personal trainers, health clubs, gyms, rec centers, professional affiliations and more.

11. Investment and overhead are minimal. To get started, individuals enroll as an associate for the one-time fee of $299. The enrollment includes over $400 worth of products that can be used to jump start the business. The only ongoing cost is the monthly fee of $27.88 for your custom IDLife website.

IDLife Business Opportunity

IDLife provides the perfect business opportunity for individuals, teams and leagues involved in the recreational and competitive sport of Dodgeball to earn a substantial income by selling high-quality nutritional products. IDLife products are perfectly positioned for the dodgeball community, with responsible energy drinks without the crash for game day, high protein shakes for building muscle and increasing throwing strength, superior sports powder mixes to stay hydrated, nutritional pre workout and post workout products and sleep aids for healthy sleep and optimal health. Sell these and other products at Dodgeball open plays, league nights, tournaments and other events. Sign up additional players, teams and leagues to sell IDLife products to earn even more income.

You don’t need to be a professional sales person or nutritional expert. You won’t have to stock any inventory or ship any products – IDLife handles all of this for you. With your personalized IDLife website and automated business tools, it’s easy to get started and even easier to succeed.

You can earn immediate benefits the day you join including 40% off all products added to your first order, then 30% off all future purchases for life! In addition, you receive IDLife Loyalty Points for every dollar spent that you can redeem for free products of your choice!

When you sign up as an associate to start your IDLife business you will receive a starter kit with an abundance of IDLife products with a retail value more than the enrollment fee of $299.00. Use the products to jump start your business. Be sure to sign up for the customized Pro Website Bundle that will give your customers a place to order products, schedule future deliveries and even sign up as an associate. The website comes with four custom landing pages (such as or that you can tailor to your business and your markets. The website is free for the first month and $27.49 monthly. That’s right, your total monthly overhead for your new business could be as low as $27.49 per month!

IDLife Compensation Plan Overview

There are many ways to earn money with your IDLife business. In addition to commissions on sales and associate sign-ups, there are opportunities for cash bonuses, car bonuses, incentives trips and more!

IDLife Compensation

IDLife Compensation

IDLife Compensation

IDLife Compensation

How to Sign Up for the IDLife Business Opportunity

Go to

Click on the Join IDLife Today button.

Select your region (U.S. or U.S. Puerto Rico)

Recommended: Select either the Associate Enrollment Fit Kit or the Associate Experience Enrollment Kit based on the products that you would like to receive. (Other kits are also available.)

If you are asked who referred you please type in Dodgeball.

IDLife Referred


For more information contact:

Tom Wakefield

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